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Price Zones: setting base pricing zones

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Price Zones are sections in the venue that have different base/starting prices. You may want to charge more for the front few rows than the back rows in a venue. You can have up to 50 base price zones in each pricing map. The allowable codes must be set on the Description Tab before you can set price zones on this tab.

Pricing zones can also be typed in or imported in the Seat Names tab since they are part of the seat name table.


To set price zone on some seats:
  • Select a range of seats
  • The wand icon to the left will enable - click it
  • Type in the new price codes to be used for the selected seats
  • Click OK to make the change
This tool lets you change the default display colours of seats when they are sold, depending on the letter in your sales promotion (or price code, depending on setting in system preferences)

To use it:

  • Click on the icon on the toolbar. The map will change to show a variegated image with each sales letter on it
  • Click on one of the letters on the map
  • a dialog will pop up showing a colour selection (like the image below)
  • Click on a colour and then click either Text Colour or Background to change the colour of the text or background
  • Repeat for Text Colour or Background until you like the colour combo for displaying the sales letter. The colours are displayed in the text above the buttons.
  • Click OK to save the change and the map will refresh with the new colours
Shortcut: if a seat only has one price zone associated with it, then clicking on one seat will open the above edit window to set that colour for that price zone. Generally speaking, there is one price zone per seat.
Zoom in on a selected section of the map.
Zoom out on a selected section of the map.
Price code selection If you wish to see where certain price zones are in the venue:
  • click on the checkbox on the left for the letter you want to see
  • the letters will appear on the map for all seats that are in that zone - with the seat letter colour (as set above)
  • you can click on multiple letters to see each zone
  • If a seat is in more than one zone that you want to show, the letter will be replaced by a '*'