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Pricing Maps

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A Pricing Map is a slightly more esoteric concept at work inside a venue. It is not just a physical layout of seats for a venue, but can also be a different pricing structure for those seats.

  • If the venue is a theatre, the seating may be fixed - but a Pricing Map allows you to have different pricing layouts for the same seating arrangement. For one event, all seats use the same Price Code. While for another event (still within the same venue, but using a different Pricing Map) you might break down the seating with the Center Orchestra being the highest price seats, the Side Orchestra being a little lower, and the Balcony lower still.
  • If the venue is a Dinner Theatre, the seating may change from event to event. The overall capacity of the room stays the same, but the configuration of seats changes each time the venue is used. Each new configuration is the same Venue, but is a new Pricing Map.
  • For conference room or classroom venues, it may suffice just to have a Festival Seating (or "General Admission") Pricing Map, or you can have a Festival Seating Pricing Map for some events, and a Reserved Seating Pricing Map for other events.

Click here, for quick reference information for Venues and Maps

There are four steps to Creating a new Pricing Map. They are:

  1. Creating the graphic for the map. Click here for more information.
  2. Placing the seats on the pricing map. Click here for more information.
  3. Create the logical seats. Click here for more information.
  4. Create the seat names. Click here for more information.