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Full Opening: Removing all 'q' holds from social distance map to return to normal

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If you want to remove social distance seating holds from a reserved seating event and sell the remainder of the seats without the effect of automatic holds, In general, you need to:
  • Switch to a map that doesn't use social distance holds. That prevents them being added for new sales
  • Clear all the social distance 'q' holds that are currently in place

These instrutions assume that there are the same (or very similar) number of seats and general venue setup in the two pricing maps. This does will not work if the venues are wildly different. eg, this is not recommended if you change a dinner theatre pricing map to something like a hockey arena pricing map.

Here are the steps:

  1. Change the pricing map for the performance to one that does not use social distance seats.
  2. On the Maps Tab for the event, Remove the 'Q' holds by:
    • Highlighting all the seats on the map that have social distance holds (anything sold is ignored)
    • Right click, and use the Release Seats option from the context menu to release the holds on the seats you've selected.
    • If you don't want to release some of the holds, then don't select those seats you want to remain as social distance holds
    • resume selling tickets
    • You may have to verify seats if the venue sizes are slightly different