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Stats Tab

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This tab displays some summary statistics on the donations the patron has made. The data is separated into:

  • Fiscal year - past 6 and future
  • Program year - past 6 and future
  • Balance, and totals for soft credits and pledge amounts
  • An indication of minimum, maximum gifts and when they were given

Meaning of Fiscal and Program Year

The Fiscal Year for a donation is displayed using the current fiscal year from company preferences, accounting tab. All accounting is done based on fiscal year.

The Program Year for a donation generally tracks the fiscal year - meaning it is the same. However, you can make the program year an arbitrary year in the future or in the past -- so that you can track totals differently than fiscal year. Changing program year has no effect on financial data. It can be used as selection criteria for creating the program listing.

Calendar Year is derived from the date of the donation for tax receipt purposes.


The totals are displayed on mail lists and a few other places within the system. They are handy for quickly finding people based on total donations.

However, if you want to distinguish based on campaigns or other donation fields, you may need to use mail lists to identify and contact people.