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Enable Round up to the Nearest $x.xx

You can enable rounding up the cart to an even amount of your choice with a donation. The feature must first be enabled in Company Preferences -> Web Options. After that, the web page defaults to prompt the user to round up the purchase:

  • The nearest $10.00
  • The nearest $5.00
  • The nearest $1.00
  • BUT, only if the current cart total is not an even $1.00 amount.. The default round up amount can be changed in the web page.
Note: There is a difference between:
  • Round up to nearest $x.xx. When rounding up the cart amount, the current value of the cart matters. This page will show up only if the cart total does not match the rounding amount. If all your prices are even dollars, then pick round to nearest $2.00 or something like that as described below -AND-
  • Donate a specific amount of $x.xx - which means alter the donation suggestion page so that it has specific suggested amounts to donate - and if that donation is made, the donation suggestion never shows up again.


Changing the amount at which the cart asks

In the web page text below, there is a 1 that points to an opening condition at the top of the page and the bottom of the page. That indicates to only include the round up code if the cart does not round to an even dollar. You can change that number to $5.00, $7.50, $9.33 - any number you want. If the cart balance is NOT an even multiple of that amount, then the round up option will show in the web page.

The other Round-Up amounts can only be - EVEN MULTIPLES of the main amount

The number you pick for this value be an even multiple of the round up suggestions. Examples: Make this number

  • $2.00 if your round up values are $2.00, $6.00 and $20 (all divisible by $2.00)
  • $2.50 if your round up values are $2.50, $5.00 and $25 (all divisible by $2.50)
  • $10.00 if your round up values are $10.00, $20.00 and $30 (all divisible by $10.00)


Changing the amount to round up by

The page suggests 3 values for rounding up (you can add more). However, if you want to change them, you can see the number 2 which points to a pair of dollar amounts. You must change both, since one is the input value and the other is the button description. Those 3 values are in smaller squares:

  • round up to 1.00 (the default)
  • round up to 5.00 the middle choice
  • round up to 10.00, the first button




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