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  • Provides a drop down of available pricing for the displayed seats.
  • The availability of a price depends on the setup of the pricing structure for an event and the sales promotion.
  • The desired price needs to be available for use within the performance. This is adjusted by opening the event, selecting the Pricing tab, single clicking on the performance in the left column, double clicking on the price code and placing a check mark in the Allow Price Code To Be Used box within Theatre Manager.
  • At least one promotion enabled for online sales needs to be active for the performance. In Theatre Manager open the Event, select the Promotions tab and change the Promotions Shown drop down in the lower right corner to All. Locate the desired Internet sales promotion, select it and click the Allow Use button at the bottom of the window.
  • At least one of the price points that are active for the performance can not be listed in the Excludes Price Code field of sales promotion. The Excludes Price Code field is found in the Description tab of the promotion. The promotion can be found in Setup >> System Tables >> Sales Promotions within Theatre Manager.
  • The Sales Promotion needs to be available for online sales. The Via The Internet box needs to be checked in the Edits tab of the promotion found in Setup >> System Tables >> Sales Promotions within Theatre Manager.



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