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    Customizations if donation fields have been made madatory

    There are 3 fields on that are donor popup fields on the notes tab of the donation window. If these fields have been made mandatory, then you will need to find the code table value for these custom fields:

    Change the value of xxx, yyy, or zzz in the input strings below to be the internal record number (Seq #) of the appropriate popup. Also, move the mandatory input field above the <!-- comment: in the file so that it becomes uncommented and active in the web page.

    <INPUT NAME="DD_FLD1_FC_SEQ" TYPE=hidden id="DD_FLD1_FC_SEQ" value="xxx">
    <INPUT NAME="DD_FLD2_FC_SEQ" TYPE=hidden id="DD_FLD2_FC_SEQ" value="yyy">
    <INPUT NAME="DD_FLD3_FC_SEQ" TYPE=hidden id="DD_FLD3_FC_SEQ" value="zzz">



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