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Q: How can the series list be customized to display something other then what is pulled from the Theatre Manager database?
A: To make the events in the subscription display as "First Sun in Run @8:00pm" the following would be used:

The following example displays the series code on the screen in the popup box:
<field>mid(PB_SERIES_CODE,3,3)</field> in run @ <field>pick(pos(mid(PB_SERIES_CODE,7,1),'ME'),'8:00','2:00','8:00')</field>pm


  • Presents a list of available series options to choose from in a drop down format.
  • Some organizations have more then one performance within their season package. Each performance is indicated by a series code. This allows Theatre Manager to book the patron into the same night for each event within the season package.
  • Only performances marked as Season Control Performance within the Control House in Theatre Manager will appear in the drop down.



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