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Copying Prices

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In Theatre Manager , you can copy prices to a single performance or group of performances, from any performance saved in Theatre Manager.

  1. Click on the Pricing Tab of the Events and Dates Window.

    Pricing information should now display on the right side of the Events and Dates window.

  2. Select the performances that you want to Copy Prices to.

    To do this, click on the first performance you want to copy prices to, then drag you cursor over the remaining performances from the performances list on the left side of the window. Alternately, you can click the first performance, and then hold <CTRL> (Windows) or <COMMAND> (Mac) and click each additional performance.

  3. Click the Copy Prices button.

    The Copy Price Wizard window opens.

  4. In Step 1, select the performance to use as a Pricing Template.

    To further refine your search, click the drop down list under the 1. You can then choose a different five search fields. They are:

    Select a search field, and you can further restrict the search using the "from" and "to" fields to enter criteria. For example, the (picture) below displays a successful search for performance that have Play Codes starting with 07.

  5. In Step 2, you select the performance that you want to use as a Pricing Template.

    As you select plays, their price codes are displayed on the left and the performance's price codes are displayed on the right.

  6. Choose the Price Codes you want to copy.

    Highlight the Price Codes you want. You can select all, none, or some of the price codes to be copied.

  7. In Step 3, you choose which Attributes of the Price Code to copy.

    There are four parts of the price code that you can copy across. The Description, the Price, Able To Use Flag, and Enabled/Disabled Promotions. To copy an attribute put a check in the box beside the attribute desired.

  8. Click the Copy button.