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Holds Tab

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The hold tab on each performance is used to indicate how you want any refunded tickets put back on hold, if the seat is a protected seat. This feature is called the return to holds map because it describes what happens to the seat when a patron no longer wants the ticket.


Returning Tickets to Hold Status

Return tickets to hold for this performance If a ticket is refunded, any seat with a default hold will return to hold status. All other seats remain available for purchase.
Use over-ride seating map for this performance Allows you to specify your own custom return-to-hold map to be used when the ticket is refunded. For example, you may want different holds on an opening night performance thank all other performances.
Use default seating map from theatre Uses the default holds on the pricing map when the ticket is refunded.

if you change the pricing maps 'default return to hold' settings, it only affects tickets being returned from that point on.

Please make sure that the design of your social distance pricing maps take into account which seats are normally held on creation of a new performance and which ones are specified on the return to hold map.