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Resources List Window

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The Resource List window allows you to Add, Edit and Delte Resources from the Theatre Manager database.

Parts of the Resource List Window

Click on a link to learn more about the features.

Accesses the Help section for this window.
Inserts new Resource. For more information on inserting resources click here.
Edits the selected Resource. For more information on editing resources click here.
Copies the selected Resource.
Deletes the selected Resource. Click here to learn how to delete resources.
Generates a report of the resources to the screen or default print location.
Exports a list of resources.
Click to add inventory for the selected Resource. Opens the Pricing and Inventory Tab.
Description The name of the Resource as setup in the Description Tab.
Active/Inactive Checkboxes When checked, will pull a list of either Active or Inactive Resources (or both).
Shows a list of All Resources.
Shows a list of Resources that have been designated Generic Resources.
Custom tabs are added in the System table Facility Resource Groups, Click here to go to the Resource Groups help page. Resource Groups are categories for different types of Resources. The default setting in Theatre Manager is the Generic group. Other groups can be added as needed.
Table Columns
Resource # The unique number in the database assigned to that particular resource.
Code The unique Resource Code assigned to the particular resource.
Description The name of the resource.
Quantity The quantity of the specific resource listed in the database.
Internal Description The internal description for the resource (shows only inside the Theatre Manager application).