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Pricing and Inventory Tab

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Parts of the Pricing and Inventory Tab

Sales Method The three options are:
  • Component Only - the resource is intended only as part of a larger resource and is not used on its own (for example, a mic cable as part of a PA package).
  • Facility - the resource is rented or used over and over again without need of replenishment (for example, the PA package).
  • For Sale - the resource will need to be replenished as it is used (for example, paper cups).
Resource Cost The replacement cost per unit of the resource (unit is set up on the Description Tab).
Resource Pricing The suggested amount is how much should be charged per use of the resource. Usage is defined by the lookup button to the right of the entry field (in the example, it's set to Per Day).
Customizable checkbox When checked, the Suggested Price can be changed when the resource is used.
Inventory Management
Enable Inventory Tracking checkbox Sets up the inventory management for this rental resource. If inventory tracking is enabled, then Theatre Manager will ensure that no more than the available quantity is rented at any given time.

Click here to see how to Add Inventory Tracking.