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Description Tab

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The Description tab of the Resource window is where you enter the Resource Group, the type of units, the owner, vendor any special instructions, notofications, size and color of the resource.

Parts of the Description Tab

Accesses the Help section for this window.
Inserts a new Resource. For more information on inserting resources click here.
Saves changes made to the selected Resource
Copies the selected Resource.
Undoes any changes made to the last saved point.
Deletes the selected Resource. Click here to learn how to delete resources.
Generates a report of the resources to the screen or default print location.
Does a spell check of the record.
Click to add inventory for the selected Resource. Opens the Pricing and Inventory Tab.
Resource Code A unique code assigned to the specific Resource (similar to an Event Code, for example).
Outlet The outlet to which a Resource belongs (for organizations using Outlet Edition of Theatre Manager).
Resource Description The internal name of the Resource that will show in the Resource List Window and elsewhere in Theatre Manager.
Status Box When checked, the Resource will be marked as an Active resource in lists.
Resource Group The Resource Group to which a resource belongs. Theatre Manager's default Resource Group is "Generic." Click here, for information on how to add another group or groups.
External Description the name of the resource that is viewable by the general public.
Picture of Resource You can drag and drop an image from your computer into the Picture box. You are limited to a graphic less than 500k. Click here, for more information on adding an image.
Unit The unit of measure for the resource for use in inventory management.
Owner If the resource is owned (or managed), you can include that person by using the patron lookup button and searching for the owner/manager in the database.
Vendor The preferred Vendor from whom to obtain the resource (if applicable)
Special Instructions Include any special or important information about the resource in the Special Instructions field.
Notifications Notifications can be set to alert employees about usage of resources if desired.
Item Colour, Size and Picture Item colour and size description may also be included. You may also drag a picture into the picture field if you'd like.
Tags You can add any number of tags to the resource.