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Components Tab

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The Components Tab can be used for those resources which may require the use of various components (a PA System in the example). It is not a required tab for resource setup.

Parts of the Pricing and Inventory Tab

Components List Add or remove components to/from a resource here using the Add or Remove buttons at left under the list.
Component Detail This section on the right side applies to the currently selected component resource on the component list on the left. In the example, the selected component is Speaker Cables, so the items under Component Detail apply to Speaker Cables as they are being used as a component of the PA System (the current selected Resourse)
Component The currently selected component resource.
Component Type Component resources are either a Standard part of the current Resource, or an Optional part of the Resource as designated here.
Amount Used Set here how many units of the selected component resource are to be used in the instance of the current Resource.