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Implementing Coupon Codes

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For further information on creating a coupon for discounts, click here.

With Restricted Access Codes, please be aware of the following:


  1. on the availability tab if you set your Max Coupons to 10
  2. on the promotion tab set you set the max use per coupon to 2
  3. and in the promotion conversion detail you set the Maximum Uses to be 20 ( 20 tix max ).

The following occurs

  • If everyone only buys 2 tickets per order, the coupon will remain available for all 10 coupons available.
  • If someone buys 4, only two ticket will be affected by the coupon.
  • If you reach either the 10 coupon threshold or the max uses of 20 no more discounts will be offered.

The following topics indicate how to implement coupon codes for redemption and/or presales access within Theatre Manager