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Creating a Coupon Code for Ticket Discounts

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Using Theatre Manager, you can create Ticket Discount coupon codes.

You can create coupon codes for both ticket discounts and presale access. For more information on creating coupons for presale access, click here.

With Restricted Access Codes, here is an example of restricting the coupon to 10 coupons of 2 redemptions for a maximum of 20 tickets:

  1. on the availability tab if you set your Max Coupons to 10
  2. on the promotion tab set you set the max use per coupon to 2
  3. in the promotion conversion detail you set the maximum Uses to be 20 ( 20 tix max ).

The following occurs

  • If everyone only buys 2 tickets per order, the coupon will remain available for all 10 coupons available.
  • If someone buys 4, only two ticket will be affected by the coupon.
  • If you reach either the 10 coupon threshold or the max uses of 20 no more discounts will be offered.

To create a Coupon Code for Ticket Discounts, you perform the following steps:

  1. Click here to learn how to access the Coupon Codes List window.

  2. Click the New button.

    The Coupon Code Discount Detail window opens.

  3. Enter the Coupon Code Description.

    The internal description will only be displayed in Theatre Manager and the external description will be displayed for web sales.

  4. Enter the code that the Patron will use to receive the coupon discount in the Coupon Code box.

    Example: 2FOUR1

  5. Enter the availability dates detail as needed. ( blank for unlimited )

    For more information on the availability tab click here.

  6. Add a Mail list if restricting the coupon to only patron on a particular Mail List.

    Leave blank if coupon is unrestricted and can be used by any patron

  7. Select option for Auto Add
  8. Check Coupon Usage Type

    Note that the default on insert is Applies discount when used

  9. Click the Save button.

    The promotion, performance and redemption tabs are now available.

  10. Click the Promotions tab.

    For more information on the promotions tab click here.

  11. Click the New button and create a promotion conversion.
  12. For more information on promotion conversions click here.

  13. Click the Performance tab.
  14. Click the New button.

    For more information on the performance tab click here.

    The Performance List Lookup window opens.

  15. Select the performance(s) that the coupon will be used for.

    To select multiple performances, use the CTRL key (Windows) or the OPTION key (Mac).

  16. Press the Select button.
  17. Click the Save button.

    The Coupon Code has now been created. Click here for more information on editing a Coupon Code or click here for more information on deleting a Coupon Code.