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Creating a Coupon for Presale Access

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You can set-up coupons to allow patrons to have presale access to buy tickets online before they go on sale to the general public.
You can set-up coupons to be used both presale access, as well as ticket discounts or order fees. For more information on:
  1. Ensure the performance has a future onsale date.
    • Go to Events/Plays
    • Select the Event/Play
    • Click on the Performances tab
    • Double-click on the performance
    • Click on the Sales Management tab
    • Input future on sale dates for the internet and/or box office. (if you want people to buy online, you need to enter a date for at least online sales -- box office could always be on sale)
    • Save
    Make sure that there is a sales promotion on each performance that allows it to be bought online

    Click here for more information on Events/Plays and Performances.

  2. Open the Coupon Codes List window.

    Click here to learn how to access the Coupon Codes List window.

  3. Click the New button.

    The Coupon Code Discount Detail window opens.

  4. Enter the Coupon Code Description.

    The internal description will only be displayed in Theatre Manager and the external description will be displayed for web sales.

  5. Enter the code that the Patron will use to receive the coupon discount in the Coupon Code box.

    This code can be manually entered by patrons on the web, or manually at the box office. If the coupon is 'auto-add' on web, then a mail list must be supplied to limit the distribution and the coupon will only be added to the cart if the user logs in.

  6. Enter the availability Redeemable date (optional)

    The dates and times you enter will be before the future onsale date you entered in Step 1. You only need this if you want to limit the dates that the coupon will be available to use. If you want the coupon to work right away, leave the dates blank.

  7. Indicate if the coupon should auto-add on the web (optional)

    This is handy for pre-sales access where if the patron logs in, the coupon code will automatically add to the cart for only the patron or anybody in the household. If that occurs, they can see performances that others cannot see without doing much more than logging in.

  8. Set the Coupon Usage Type

    A coupon can be used to apply discounts to tickets that are purchased -or- to only provide access to specific performances in advance of general sale on the web -or- a coupon can perform both those features simultaneously.

  9. Click the Save button.

    The Presale access via internet field, promotion, performance and redemption tabs are now available.

  10. (optional) If you want to limit the coupon to specific patrons, enter a mail list number in the Restricted to Mail List field.
  11. Place a check in the Presale access via internet box.
  12. Place a check in the Redeemable at Sales Source - Internet Sales box.
    The fields described above are the fields required to be filled out on the Availability tab in order for the presale coupon to work. The others do not apply or are optional. For more information on the availability tab click here.
  13. Click the Performance tab.
  14. Click on the New button at the bottom of the window.

    For more information on the performance tab click here.

    The Performance List Lookup window opens.

  15. Select the performance(s) that the coupon will be used for.

    To select multiple performances, use the CTRL key (Windows) or the OPTION key (Mac). The selected performances will need to have the future onsale date set as in Step 1.

    If a performance does not have a check in "Allow Selling - Via The Internet" under Event >> Performance Tab, if it is added to the Coupon Code Performance Tab, online ticket selling will still be available. Online selling will only be available until the future onsale date, when tickets go on sale to the public.
  16. Press the Select button.
  17. Click the Save button.

    The Coupon Code for Presale Access has now been created and can be used online.