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Availability Tab

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Redemption Details

Redeemable From Date that the coupon is available for use.
Redeemable Until Date that the coupon is no longer available for use.
Accesses a calendar to select dates.
Restricted to Mail List Coupon is only available to members of selected mail list. Any other patron who tries to use the coupon will be told that it is invalid.
Accesses the Mail List Lookup window to select Mail List.
Auto Add on Web If a mail list is specified for the coupon, you can decide how the coupon gets into the patrons cart. Choices are:
  • Never - means that the coupon is not automatically added to the patrons cart when they sign in. The patron will need to specify the coupon code after logging in in order to receive the benefits that the coupon conveys (like pre-access)
  • Only if Patron is on the selected maillist - means that the coupon will automatically be added if the patron signs in online. They have to take no action to receive the benefits of the coupon. It could be used to create automatic discounting of certain ticket prices for certain performances using a sales rule.
  • Any household member on maillist. - will auto add the coupon for any member of the patrons household when they log in. This conveys the patrons benefits over to their partners or dependants.

Coupon Usage Type

Applies discount when used Check this box if this coupon code could apply a discount to tickets via sales rules tab or orders (using a one time discount)
Presale access via internet Check this box if this coupon code will allow patrons to purchase tickets to certain performances before they are available to the general public.

If you provide a list of performances in the performance tab, then:

  • Each time the coupon code is entered on the event list
  • The event list will show only the selected performances that are in the performance tab per the image to the right.
Note: if the patron clicks search or leaves this page, then all other performances will be added to the mix. Entering the coupon code again will show only the performances again.

Overall Coupon Usage Limits

Max Coupons available The number of times that this coupon can be used before it becomes inactive. Leave blank to disable this feature.
Used Coupons The current number of times that this coupon has been used.
Coupons in web carts The number of coupons currently in shopping carts.

Redeemable At Sales Sources

Box Office Check this box if this coupon can be used in conjunction with a sale at the Box Office.
Internet Sales Check this box if this coupon can be used in conjunction with a Web Sale.