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Performance Tab

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Parts of the Performance Tab

Event/Play # The # of the event/play(s) the coupon can be used for.
Event/Play The name of the event/play(s) that the coupon can be used for.
Performance The performance(s) that the coupon can be used for.

When the patron enters the pre-access coupon online, then any event in the list of performances will be displayed in the performance list to make it easier to select the events. Immediately after the pre-access coupon is entered, the other events will disappear for this one time only -- effectively making the pre-access coupon a quick filter to the events.

In addition, the coupon shows in the shopping cart with a button to let the patron show the events again.

For performances that are in the permitted list:

  • if the performance is not on sale on the internet, it will become visible and able to be sold based on the pre-access code
  • If the performance is in the past, it will not be shown. This allows you to offer pre-acces coupons through the run of an event
  • If the performance is marked as postponed or cancelled, it will also show if its marked visible on the internet. Since those performances are already visible, the coupon code shows them - they are just unable to be purchased.
  • performances that are subscription control houses will not show based on a coupon since they are special puprose
Date The date of the performance(s).
Time The time of the performance(s).
Event/Play Title The full title of the event/play(s) that the coupon can be used for.
Year The fiscal year of the event/play(s) that the coupon can be used for.
Theatre Name The name of the theatre that the coupon can be used for.
Perf # The performance number.
Opens the performance lookup list window to allow the selection of performances that the coupon is valid for.
Delete the current selected performance from the list of valid performances for the coupon.