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Using Coupons at the Box Office

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Coupon codes can be redeemed at the box office provided box office is selected under the coupon code's availability tab. For more information on the Availability Tab, click here.

  1. Access the Payments window during the order before the payment is to be made.

    For more information on accessing the payment window, click here.

  2. Select Coupon as the Payment Method.

    Coupon # and Coupon Quantity Boxes will now be displayed.

    If coupon is not an entry in the drop down list of payment methods, you will need to enable it. For more information on enabling coupon as a payment method, click here.

  3. Type the coupon code in the Coupon # box.

    Alternatively you can look-up the coupon code by using the Search button. This button opens the Coupon Code List window. For more information on the Coupon Code list, click here.

  4. Enter the quantity of coupons to be applied to the order in the Coupon Quantity box.
  5. Click the Accept Payment button.

    A confirmation dialog opens. The coupon will have been applied to the order and the order total will change.

    If the coupon is not accepted, ensure the coupon code is set-up to allow the selected performance, price code and promotion.

  6. Choose another payment method to finish processing the order.

    For more information on creating payments, click here.