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Edits Tab

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Parts of the Edits Tab

Use For Sales Enable the appropriate check boxes for this promotion:
  • Via the Box Office
  • Via the Internet
  • At Another Outlet
  • Include in Patron Statistics
Can be sold between Enter the dates for when the tickets can be sold From and Through
Can be used

Enable the appropriate check boxes for this promotion

  • For tickets sold before the date of performance
  • On the day of sale of the performance
Base Price The Lowest and the Highest price of the ticket the promotion can be appied to
Maximun Use The maximum number of time a promotion can be used
For Example: the first 50 tickets get a discounted rate
Coupon Requirements BOX OFFICE has a special meaning. It tells the system that in order to get this promotion/discount, the patron must present a coupon to you at the box office that verifies eligibility for the discount. An example might be:
  • An entertainment book 2 for 1 coupon where you want the patron to provide you with proof that they have the coupon as payment
  • Military or AAA discount (or similar) where the patron must show the affinity card to get the discount
  • age related discounts where the patron must show proof of age to get student or senior pricing

In such cases, the order ticket print status is automatically set to HOLD @ WILLCALL FOR COUPON regardless if the patron asks to have their tickets mailed.

This feature can be used to exclude batch printing all tickets in an order if the order contains at least one ticket with this sales promotion.

ONLINE has a slightly different meaning. If you mark that a coupon is required for an online sales (for the same reasons as above) and the ticket is printed-at-home, Theatre Manager will:

  • Allow Print-at-home for the tickets (that need coupons) along with the rest of the tickets.
  • The bar code on the tickets that need coupons will be invalid and cannot be scanned
  • The instructions on the ticket can contain words that indicate it must be taken to the box office to exchange for a real ticket, at which time any coupons or eligibility can be verified.
This means if the patron buys 4 tickets (1 of which require a coupon from the web sale) the customer will still receive 4 tickets that can be printed. They won't wonder if one is missing. Instead, that one ticket will contain instructions to take it to the box office.
Coupon Requirements Note When a patron buys online and the print at home setting requires a coupon, you must also enter a note in this field. This provides the box office staff (and the patron) some instructions what they have to do to validate the ticket. This is printed on the upper left corner of the print at home ticket, per the sample.
Notifications If necessary, select the appropriate notification from the drop down list