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Default Promotion

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One promotion is set as the default promotion. This is the promotion that is initially displayed in the promotion portion of the sales window when selling tickets. The name of the default promotion is listed beside the set default button on the lower left portion of the promotion window.

If no default exists, then the words "No Default" will appear beside the button.

To mark a promotion as the default, you perform the following steps:

  1. Choose Setup>>System Tables>>Sales Promotions.

    The Sales Promotion List window opens.

  2. Select the promotion to become the default.

    Single click on a promotion to select it.

  3. Click the Set button.

    The status bar displays the name of the default sales Promotion.

Removing the Default Setting

Just as a default promotion can be set, it can also be removed. To remove the default setting from a promotion follow the steps outlined below. If you just want to change the default promotion, you do not have to remove the current default. You can just set the new default the same way that was described in the section "Setting a Default Promotion".

  1. Select the promotion currently set to default.

    Single click on a sales promotion to select it.

  2. Click the Clear button.

    The bar at the bottom of the window now states No Default Sales Promotion had been selected.