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Merging Sales Promotions

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If a number of sales promotions have been created over the years that had a similar purpose, you may find it useful to merge them if they are not longer used.

For example: If an 'Early Bird Subscriber- 20xx' promotion was created for each and there is no possibility of re-using them, you could merge all the old ones into the current one. The discount calculations will be lost - but the meaning - on each ticket from the past - will still be clear as it will say 'early bird subscription'.

It is suggested that you only merge promotions where the meaning is similar and they are not likely to be used again.

The steps are:

  • Select a number of sales promotions that have similar meaning and/or can be considered the same thing
  • Click the merge button at the top of the sales promotion list window
  • Click on the sales promotion that you would like remain. All others in the list will be merged into this one promotion. You may want to pick the one that you know you used the most or the one that you like the name of best.