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Step 4: Migrating Post Dated payments to your new merchant account

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Many venues use post dated payments for donation, recurring donations. subscriptions and partial or progress payments for courses.

These credit card payments are linked to the payment method for the old merchant processor and need to be switched over to the new processor. To do so, repeat the following steps for each credit card type you now accept for your new merchant provider.

The transfer process only does one Credit Card type at a time in case you want to split merchant accounts. User it iteratively to transfer
  • VISA from old merchant to new merchant
  • AMEX from old merchant to new merchant
  • DISC from old merchant to new merchant
  • MCARD from old merchant to new merchant
  • etc.

  1. Go to Setup->System tables and find all your payment methods. You should see a list of your payments like below:
  2. Open one of the OLD credit card payment methods associated with the OLD merchant provider. It should look like the window below.
    • The Migrate Postdated button will be active.
    • Click on it and a list of merchant providers will appear.
    • Your new one should be visible
    • select it
  3. You will be asked to confirm that all post dated payments are to be moved to the new merchant provider. Confirm if you wish to continue. If you make a mistake, you can always reverse the process and move from the new merchant provider back to the old one.

  4. Make the payment method you just transferred the post dated payments from INACTIVE so that it can't be used again.
  5. Repeat the above steps for each of the other credit cards you are transferring to the new merchant account
NOTE: to help prevent possible mistakes transferring from the old merchant to the new, the NEW merhant account will only appear in the popup list if:
  • The new merchant account is active
  • The new merchant account is not in emergency mode
  • The same card type (eg VISA) exists for both old and new merchants.