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Printing PDF tickets at the box office

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Normally you would use a thermal ticket printer to quickly print tickets for a performance while at the box office. The cost per ticket is quite a bit lower with thermal tickets, and some patrons consider thermal tickets to be the only "real" tickets.

However, it is still possible to print a PDF e-ticket on a local laser or inkjet printer if:

  • you happen to be in a remote location without a ticket printer, -or-
  • your ticket printer ip cannot be set or cannot be connected to on the network for any reason (refer to IP setup for ticket printers if this is the issue) -or-
  • if it breaks down (a generally rare occasion)


Steps to print an e-ticket ticket to a local printer

  1. If you are given the option of printing tickets for a patron, click the button Print/Email Tickets
  2. Select Print PDF Ticket from the submenu
  3. A PDF Ticket window will open similar to below. If tickets cannot be printed (eg there are no print at home or they are for a past performance), you will see a message indicating a list of possible reasons will appear.

    Please refer to Factors That Prevent Tickets from being emailed for more information in this message.

  4. When you see the PDF ticket widow, you will see a thumbnail of tickets and an image of each ticket on the screen. You can enlarge the window if need be. At the top tight of the window above the ticket images are two icons:
    • Printer Icon click to print the ticket to a selected desktop laser or inkjet printer. These tickets will not print on your ticket printer
    • Download Icon click this if you want to download the ticket to disk
  5. NOTE: as soon as you see the tickets as a PDF, they have been marked printed by Theatre Manager. if you close this window without printing, you will need to Unprint the tickets on the patron window before you can print them again.