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Emailing Tickets from the box office

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Theatre Manager can be set up to allow one or both of:

If you find you cannot send an e-ticket, please refer a list of possible reasons why it cannot

Emailing tickets from box office

If emailing tickets from box office is enabled (and providing tickets meet the criteria described in the setup screen help), then tickets can be printed from:

  • The patron 'ticket' list (see image below - the print tickets button gets replaced by a print/email tickets button)
  • The order window on the payment screen
  • The batch ticket print process

Emailing Options

When emailing tickets, the options on the window below are:

  • Send tickets
    • placing all tickets in a single PDF attachment - which will take all the tickets that are printed and put them into one PDF document to send to the patron. This might be useful for group sales.
    • as individual PDF attachments - which creates one PDF attachment per ticket and adds it to the email being sent
    • The default for this window is set in company preferences, web options, Ticket Delivery Options/Fees
  • Templates and email content:
    • Template: if you have set up emails that can be used as part of emailing to a patron, then pick a form letter template to fill out the letter. The text will be placed in the body and can be edited.
    • Subject: is the subject of the email
    • From: specify if the PDF tickets are coming from you or from the web listener user id
    • To: allows selection of any of the email addresses that belong to the patron
    • Body: is the text of an message that forms the body of an email. You can free form the letter, or use something from a template, or select a template and modify the text in any way you see fit