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Factors That Prevent Tickets from being emailed

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You may receive a message that eliminated tickets from being emailed from the box office that looks similar to the one on the right.

If tickets cannot be emailed to people, typical reasons are:

  • The tickets are for a performance in the past. You can look at the performance date and time on the patron's ticket list to determine if this was the reason and if the performance dates are wrong, change them in event setup
  • A live event which can no longer be viewed or attended or sold. This means that the viewing time for a live performance is over, or it cannot be sold online. Refer to this web page.
  • An order with a balance owing. If people owe you money for tickets, Theatre Manager will not allow them to be emailed as a control feature. Pay off the balance of the order and then send the tickets. These tickets will appear red on the patron's ticket list
  • A subscription control house. Subscription control houses are performances which are holders for patrons favourite seats. These are not real tickets and cannot be printed. You can verify this on the event setup in the performance list.
  • An event that is archived. If you have archived the event, meaning no more changes or sales to it, you cannot print tickets for it. Normally, events are archived after the run is over, so this would not normally happen to anybody. Verify the archived status in the event setup at he bottom left of the window.
  • An event that is postponed or not on sale. If you have set the status of the performance to postponed or cancelled, the event or inactivated it or made it not on sale at box office or online for any reason, you cannot email tickets for it

Other setup Issues that might cause tickets to not print

  • The performance does not permit print at home tickets. Print at home tickets feature needs to be enabled for the performance that the tickets are for, otherwise you cannot email them.
  • Price Code for the ticket cannot be found
  • if you try to print a ticket for a performance and the price code for the ticket in patron's ticket list cannot be found in the performance price table, you can't print the tickets. Normally, this should never happen. You may want to look at the price code on the ticket, and the pricing setup in events and dates to make sure the ticket has an existing price code and it is enabled.
  • The sales promotion cannot be found. Every ticket is sold with a sales promotion and these cannot be deleted if used on a ticket or a transactions. This condition should never happen. If the sales promotion is blank in the patron's ticket list, contact AMS support.
  • The Venue cannot be found. Every ticket must be in a venue. This condition should never happen. If the venue in the patron's ticket list is blank, contact AMS support.
  • The pricing map cannot be found. Every ticket must be associated with a pricing map. This condition should never happen. If the venue/pricing map in the patron's ticket list is blank, contact AMS support.