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Allowing Concierges to Buy 'on account' using Passes

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There are situations when an outside organization would like to book tickets through web sales as a cashless transaction. This can be achieved by creating a specialPass/Gift Certificate. The key to remember is, everything purchased through web sales requires full payment. Online payments are in the form of credit cards or Pass/Gift Certificates.

The box office can create and purchase the special Pass/Gift Certificate on the patron/organization’s patron account. When the organization logs onto their patron account on web sales, they are able to access the special Pass/Gift Certificate associated with their account to complete the ticket purchase.

The special Pass/Gift Certificate must be fully paid for before using it online. When the special Pass/Gift Certificate is purchased through the box office a post-dated payment can be applied to the order. This post-dated payment should be set in the future, past the event date so it never gets deposited. This would allow for the payment to be replaced with a real payment after the special Pass/Gift Certificate is used online.

Create special Pass/Gift Certificate for a dollar value required to cover tickets. Click here for instruction on creating a Pass/Gift Certificate.

Box office to purchase special Pass/Gift Certificate

Organization uses special Pass/Gift Certificate online

Box office Reconciliation after the organization has redeemed the special Pass/Gift Certificate online

  • Reduce value of gift certificate to amount used if necessary
  • Print and send invoice to organization, if required
  • Remove post dated payment from gift certificate
  • Replace with real payment form