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Clearing the Cache for Online Sales

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The two methods described below will clear all caches on ALL WEB LISTENERS.

If the expected page changes do not appear, please check your web listener error log. It is likely that there is a page error or the actual html document is not saved as a UTF8 formatted document.


Clearing the Cache within Theatre Manager

The advantage to this method is that if you do not have direct access to the Web Listener machine, you can clear the cache from any machine running Theatre Manager.

  1. Click Setup >> Company Preferences.
  2. Select the Director Tab tab.
  3. Click the to the right of the Last Cache Clear field.
  4. The 'Last Cache Clear' date will update with the current date and time. The web listeners will detect the change in short order and start loading the new pages


Clearing the Cache using the Director

If you have ready access to at least one of your listeners, then you may choose to clear the cache directly from within the Web Listener itself.

  1. Locate the machine(s) that act as the Web Listener(s).
  2. Type

    or click on the link if you are viewing this help on the web listener machine.

  3. Click the Clear Cache button