Clearing the Cache for Online Sales

All three methods described below will clear all caches on ONLY THE CLASSIC WEB LISTENERS.

This procedure does not apply if the specific web page is being handled by the second generation listener which is a little more 'live' -- any page change handle by second generation should appear within a couple of minutes at the most. If the page change does not appear, please check your error log, it is likely that there is a page error or the actual html document is not saved as a UTF8 formatted document.

If you change a web page in the htdocs 'tmCustom' folder, you may need to clear the cache on the Web Listener. This effectively causes the Web Listener to check back with the Apache machine, and update to the current web pages stored there. For web page designers, your edits and customizations will not appear online until the cache is cleared. Clearing the cache is easy, and can be done 'hot,' such that you do not need to stop web sales or the Apache server in order to do so.

Clearing the cache can be done in one of three ways.

Clearing the Cache within Theatre Manager

The advantage to this method is that if you do not have direct access to the Web Listener machine, you can clear the cache from any machine running Theatre Manager.

  1. Click Setup >> Company (or 'Outlet') Preferences.
  2. Select the tab.
  3. Click the to the right of the Last Cache Clear field.
  4. The 'Last Cache Clear' date will update with the current date and time.

Clearing the Cache on the Web Listener

If you have ready access to at least one of your listeners, then you may choose to clear the cache directly from within the Web Listener itself.

  1. Locate the machine(s) that act as the Web Listener(s).
  2. Click the button toward the top left of the Web Listener window.

Clearing the Cache on the Web Sales Monitor

If you are using the Web Sales Monitor, you can clear the cache in the same way as clearing it from a Web Listener directly.

  1. Open the Web Sales Monitor in Patron Sales>>Web Sales Module>>Web Sales Monitor.

  2. Click the button toward the top left of the Web Sales Monitor window.