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Removing Print Head For Cleaning Practical Automation Ticket Printer

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Over time, the ticket print will require maintenance for cleaning, removing a fragment of ticket stock from a paper jam or replacing the actual printer head. These steps demonstrate how to access the print head plate for Practical Automation ticket printers.
  1. Unplug the ticket printer. Open the cabinet door the same way when changing ticket stock.

  2. The print head plate is covered by a metal shield. It is held in place with a green headed screw on the front side. Remove green screw. Lift up on the metal shield to remove. This will expose the print head plate. Now Lift up the green Print Lever.

  3. Grab your fingers around the back of the plate. Give a quick jerk to release the plate. Careful lift and pull out Print Head Plate towards the rear.
  4. Tip the plate at an angle. Be careful not to touch the Print Head Plate to other metal.

    At this point the print head is removed and ready for [link – to cleaning page] cleaning, replacing or clearing paper jam.