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Ticket Detail

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The tickets a patron has purchased are displayed using the Tickets Tab in the Patron Account. Refer to the appropriate links for more in depth descriptions.

To display tickets, you perform the following steps:

  1. Select the Tickets Tab in the Patron record.

    Theatre Manager will display a summary of all the non-archived tickets which fall under the parameters set using the two pulldown menus on the bottom left of the tab.

  2. To view detailed information on a ticket:

  3. Double click on a line of ticket information

    The ticket detail window opens and displays detailed ticket information. There are four tabs within the Ticket Detail Window. Depending on the type of ticket these tabs may or may not be available to view.

    • The top portion of the window displays the event name; event code including series code, date and time; theatre name; and seat location. For traveling troupe shows, the location of the event is displayed.
    • The bottom portion of the window displays pricing and payment information. Quantity is the number of people the ticket will admit. Theatre Manager can create festival seating tickets as group tickets -- one ticket could admit 10 people. A reserved seat ticket, which references a specific seat location, is always created with a quantity of one.
    • The ticket cost information displays the price of the ticket, markups, discounts, and taxes. Markups and discounts are applied by selecting the applicable Sales Promotion, which is also displayed "Sold by" is the Employee who entered the order. The order number, a reference number for tracking payment information, is displayed.
    • Other information displayed includes the ticket number, a unique number created by Theatre Manager for each ticket; the date and time the ticket was purchased; the date the ticket was posted to the general ledger; the date the ticket was printed; and the initials of the employee who printed the ticket. The number of times a ticket was printed is displayed. If a patron looses a ticket you may have to reprint a ticket.
    • Security controls exist to prevent misuse of ticket reprinting.

    Patron Detail
    • The top portion of the window displays the Special Needs assigned to this patron, as well as the phone numbers, and primary address.
    • Spousal information - email address and work numbers are displayed.
    • Any Patron Notes are also displayed.
    • If this patron or the spouse have email addresses, the will allow you to send an email to the corresponding address.

    Order Detail
    • The top portion of the window displays the order number, order date and final payment date.
    • The remaining portion of the window displays pricing and payment information.
    • The ticket handling information displays the handling option that has been set for this ticket - Hold for Pickup/Taken, Mail to Patron, Hold for WillCall, or Hold @ Door for Coupon.
    • Any Order Notes are also included.