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Transfer Tickets in the Middle of an Order

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  1. Select the seats the patron would like to purchase.
  2. Click the Transfer button.

    The Transfer Order Window opens.

    From this window, you can choose the following options:

    • Search for a Patron from the Patron window. Click here for information.
    • Search for a Patron by Member Card #.
    • Search for a Patron by Control #.
    • Reverting back to the QuickBuy Patron by using the Quick Buy Patron button will use the Quick Buy patron the user has setup - but only if the sales mode is NOT currently quickbuy.
  3. Once the patron or member card is entered their information is displayed in the window.

  4. Verify the information and click the Transfer button.

    A confirmation window opens.

  5. Click Transfer to transfer the order.
  6. Click the Payment button to receive payment for the ticket(s).

    Click here to learn how to accept payments.