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Holding Seats

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You can place holds on seats based on performance or a group of performances. We recommend using this feature as an alternative to selling the seats to a specified house account. This process puts the tickets on hold and avoids creating transactions. Your revenue reports and ticket analysis reports will also reflect a truer status of the sales picture.


Rules for Holding Tickets

  • There are privileges in the employee record indicating which hold codes they can hold or release. An employee who has this privilege, can hold and release any seats with those hold codes at any time. For more information, refer to Employee Settings-Box office tab
  • There is a privilege which allows only releasing seats. If an employee has this privilege, they can release seats at any time from the Ticket Sales to Patron window or from the Plays Window.
  • There is also a default setting for auto release of tickets prior to a performance. For example if this is set to 15 minutes then 15 minutes before the play the held seats will be released for general sale.
  • There are three ways to hold seats for shows:
    1. While Selling tickets:
    2. While in Show setup on the Maps Tab
    3. During subscription setup where you want to hold all seats in events that pertain to subscriber seats

Rules for releasing seats

The return to hold process is designed around protecting subscriptions seats, development and other special holds - by making sure they go back to the hold they were originally set at.

The following process is how Theatre Manager decides when to release a previously held seat:

  1. All seats track what the original hold code for the ticket, (if any).
  2. If a ticket is refunded, the seat is put back on the original hold (if there was one).
  3. If there was no original hold, then tickets are returned to hold according to the return to hold map settings
  4. If you manually remove the holds before selling a ticket:
    • the ticket no longer has an original hold code and
    • when refunded at the box office, it will be available for sale (subject to the return to hold on the pricing map)