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Ticket Numbers

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The Ticket Number is generated by Theatre Manager and can be used for tracking purposes. Most commonly the ticket number is either scanned or typed into Theatre Manager to track attendance.

A ticket number cannot be changed within the database. They are sequential and thus cannot be reused or reset to start from a previously used number. Each number is assigned sequentially based on the last ticket number issued in the database, whether it be a Festival Seating (General Admission) or Reserved Seating performance.

When a Reserved Seating performance is created, each seat within the map is assigned a ticket number. The number belongs to a single seat within the performance for the event. When the ticket is sold this number prints on the ticket face and is used to create the bar code. When a ticket is refunded or exchanged, that ticket number continues to belong to the seat and that same ticket number will continue to be used even if that ticket is re-sold to another patron.

For access control purposes it is recommended that when a Reserved Seating ticket is refunded or exchanged, the original ticket should either:

  • Be collected by the issuing organization, or
  • The organization receive verification the ticket was destroyed.
    • This will help to ensure control over the ticket number.

      Festival Seating tickets do not have assigned seats. Therefore they respond differently. The ticket number is not assigned until the ticket is booked. When the ticket is booked, Theatre Manager will assign the next available ticket number in the database taking into account that some ticket numbers may belong to unsold Reserved Seats in other events. When a Festival Seating ticket is refunded or exchanged within the Theatre Manager database, the ticket number is not issued again. If a new Festival Seating ticket is purchased during an exchange it will have a new, unique ticket number.