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Emailing Invoices

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You must globally enable Email an Invoice in company preferences to use this feature.

An Invoice for an Order can be emailed direct to a patron from within Theatre Manager. Invoices can be generated in four different locations

  • On the payment tab of the order window at the end of the sales process, there is an invoice button at the top of the window. Click it to see the invoice on screen. You can then print the invoice or email it. Note:
    • you can set this up so its an automatic preference for an employee for all orders by turning on the Email PDF confirmation to patron -or-
    • simply click the invoice button at the top of the payment window to do it on demand.
  • on the Patron Window
  • through the Batch Functions process (but only if you select one patron), or
  • from the Reports window )but only if you select one patron).
The invoice is sent to the primary email address in the patrons record. If the patron does not have an email address on file in Theatre Manager this feature cannot be used.

This feature is available for those clients currently using the web sales module of Theatre Manager. The invoice is sent from either the web listener's email address or the Employee's email address as it appears in their employee Patron Record (your choice). To use the employees email address, the employee must have their SMTP set correctly before they can email. This information is found in the Email tab of the employees Preferences located at the top of the window in Theatre Manager. Please consult your IT person for the correct SMTP information.

  1. Generate the Invoice.

  2. Click the Email button at the top of the window.

    The Email Report To Patron window opens.

  3. Edit the Subject as desired.

  4. Choose the send From email address.

    Choices include either the Web Server email address (the web listener) as set up in Setup >> Company Preferences in the Company tab, or the current user's email address as set in Employee Preferences >> Email Tab.

    If you choose the Web Server email address, the email will be sent by the Web Listener. If you choose the employee's email address, the email will be sent right away from the workstation.
  5. Enter any desired text in the Body field below the subject.

    You can type something or pick from the template letters set up as a Cover Letter

    The Email of the Invoice will be sent to the primary email address pulled from the patrons record. You can choose other recipients with the Add button.

  6. Click the Send Email button in the lower right corner of the window.