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Splitting an existing donation into multiple donations

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Occasionally, you may need to split an existing donation into two or more donations if the donor decides that they want to give to multiple separate campaigns instead of the one campaign they originally indicated. In this case, you can edit the existing donation without having to re-charge the patron's credit card or process a new payment of any kind.

A donation cannot be changed if a receipt has been printed already. It may have been issued by Theatre Manager, but can not have a print date as seen in the Receipts tab of the donation record.

If the tax receipt is marked as 'printed' and assigned a receipt number, then the donation might not be able to be altered UNLESS you unprint the donation receipt.

You will need to be logged in with privileges to unprint receipts, to change the status for a donation.

To split an exiting donation:

  1. Locate the patron's record.
  2. Go to the Donation tab.

  3. Double click on the donation you wish to split.

    The donation record opens.

  4. Click the New button.

    This adds a new donation to the existing order.

  5. Set the parameters (amount, campaign) for the second portion of the donation.
  6. Click the button.
  7. Close the window.

    The first donation detail window will still be open.

  8. Edit the donation amount on the original donation for the balance of the payment.
  9. Click the button.

    In the end, there will be no new payments required.