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Receipt Tab

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In this window, you can Add, Edit and Delete donation receipt information.
Please refer to receipt options to see how your choices of when and how receipts should be printed for the donation by Theatre Manager.

Parts of the Receipt Tab

Receipt Date The Date the Receipt was created i.e. The day the payment was received.
Description Method of payment received.
Receipt Amount Amount the receipt was issued for.
Receipt # The number of the receipt. This number is setup in Company Preferences under the Donation Receipts tab.
Receipt Printed Date Date the receipt was printed.
Receipt Print Count Number of times the receipt has been printed.
Opens the Edit Manual Receipt detail window.
Deletes the selected receipt. If after the receipt is deleted the total donation is greater than the receipted amount Theatre Manager will rebuild the order and recreate the receipts.
Adds a form letter to the selected payment.
Prints a ticket receipt for the selected payment.