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You use the Donation Detail Window to insert a new donation. You also use this window to provide a user with specific details about a Patron's particular Donation.
  • When Inserting Donations the Donation Detail Window is accessed through the donation module or the order window.
  • To access a Patron's Donation Detail Window after the donation has been inserted, you can open the patron's Donation tab and the previous donation from there. Double click on any donation line and the Donation Detail Window will appear.
The data in the Campaign, Solicitor, Non-Receipt Benefit is definable while Setting up Donation. The format of program name and many of the print function defaults are defined in Default Data.

To access the Donation Detail window, you perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Patron Record.

    For details on locating a Patron Record click here.

  2. Click the Donation tab.

  3. Click the New button.


Parts of the Detail Window

Inserts a new donation. For more information on inserting donations click here.
Saved changes made to the current donation.
Reverts changes made to the donation back to the last saved point.
Deletes a donation once the donation receipt and payment have been removed. For more information on deleting donations click here.
Generates a report displaying the donation details.
Checks the spelling within the data entry fields.
Adds a payment to the order. For more information on adding payments click here.
Campaign The drop down list contains the possible donation campaign to give the donation to.
Date Donated Enter the date a donation was made or if the donation differ from the default computer date the date can be back dated into a prior calendar year for tax purposes.
Solicitor Select the person responsible for receiving the donation from the drop down. This person must exist in the Employee table (see Setting up an Employee)
Donation (gift) There are two parts to the actual donation amount:
  • The gift type - which is a popup in front of the gift amount
  • The gift amount
Click in to the amount field and type in the donation amount.

This amount is normally set up a receivable in Theatre Manager so that the system knows to expect a payment for this amount. It could be one payment or it could be post dated payments.

However, the choice in the popup affects whether the GL is informed about the gift. There are generally 4 choices when entering a new gift:

  • Prospect - Is used to indicate a possible future donation. These are part of the prospecting portion of Theatre Manager so that you can track a list of 'prospects' and manage them to completion through a moves management process. Pledge amounts are NOT sent to the GL until converted to a hard pledge or donation (gift).
  • Soft Pledge - a soft pledge is like a prospect. It is intended to be used for prospects that have indicated intent to give, but have not signed any paperwork. Soft pledges are also not sent to the GL.
  • Hard Pledge - are a way to classify donations where the donor has signed a pledge card and needs to be sent reminders to donate. Because there is a signed pledge card, these are sent to the GL as per IRS/CRA reporting requirements.
  • Donation (gift) - are intended to be used for regular donations, gift in kinds, grants and most donations where you get the check along with the donation or are reasonably assured you will receive the donation. These donations are also sent to the GL.
Total Payment Amount of money received for the donation. A donation may be made in the form of a Stock and the payment amount may be more of less then the donation amount. For information on Stock gifts click here.
WriteOff Amount The unpaid difference between the Donation and the Total Payment.
Matching Gift Select the Matching Gift if you wish to link this donation to another patron who will also donate as a result of this patron giving a new donation. Click Here for more information.
Commission Select Commisssion if the employee responsable for the donation receives a persentage of the sale.
Access You can specify the groups of people who can access this donation if you wish to put some sort of restrictions on the record.
Non-Receipt Benefit The amount deducted from the donation receipt to cover taxable benefits received by making the donation.
Next Contact By default, the Next Contact Date is eleven months from the date of the donation. This date can be changed should you require a different date from the default. Use it in reports to print a list of donors that need contacted at that time to ensure that they give on a regular basis.
Fiscal Year The Fiscal Year defaults from the
Program Year The Program Year generally tracks the fiscal year - meaning it is the same. However, you can make the program year an arbitrary year in the future or in the past -- so that you can track totals differently than fiscal year. Changing program year has no effect on financial data. It can be used as selection criteria for creating the program listing.

The allows your FISCAL YEAR to track IRS and CRA reporting/accounting requirements while program year can track your own reporting requirements

It defaults to:

Tax Receipt Name This field is used to record the name of the individual who will receive the tax deductible receipt. Theatre Manager prints a receipt for tax purposes in the name of the individual recorded here, which could differ from the individual giving the donation.

Please refer to Tax Receipt Name Considerations when entering this field - there are some legal implications.

Program Name This field is used to record how the patron would like to be recognized on the program. Theatre Manager generates a donor recognition report that ensures your donation list is complete and up-to-date. If the Donor wishes to remain anonymous this field should read "anonymous". Click here for more information on making the donation anonymous.
Sort Name The sort name is suggested by Theatre Manager. It is initially based on the last name or company, depending on how the default donor name is selected and it may be changed. The sort name is used to position the donor's name in the program. For example, if the Program Name is 'Anonymous', the sort name could still be 'Smith'. This would cause the program to creating a listing for 'Anonymous' under S.
Receipt Options Choose how and when receipts should be Printed. The options are described on this web page.
Click here for details on the Notes tab.
Click here for details on the Pledge Schedule tab.
Click here for details on the Receipt tab.
Click here for details on the Soft Credit tab.
Click here for details on the Matching Gift tab.
Click here for details on the Transaction tab.