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Via the Donor Tab Allow the campaign to be displayed as a choice when a donation is being entered through the donor tab on the patron window.
In conjunction with a Ticket Sale Allow the campaign to be displayed as a chouce when a donation is being given through an order created on the ticket tab in the patron window.
Taken during a Ticket Return Allow the campaign to be displayed when a ticket is being refunded / returned for any reason.
Accepted on the Internet Allow the campaign to be accessed via the Internet and donations made Online. Additional option, Visible in Internet List. This allows for the selected campaign to appear in the list of available donation campaigns for patrons to give to.
  • If both options are enabled, the donation campaign will appear online on this page -
  • If Accepted on the Internet is enabled for a donation campaign, this would apply to the campaign used for rounding up a online cart, where the donation campaign should NOT appear on the organizations donation page.
  • Another use for Accepted on the Internet is in conjunction with direct donation link where the campaign would not appear online for everyone.
Visible in Internet List Normally, donations campaigns available online should be visible online. There may some special purpose donations that you may create a quick-add button for that do do not want to see in list. If so, uncheck this option.

Examples might be: round up donations or quick donate on checkout window for a particular purpose.

Sort Order Allows you to specify an online sort order for campaigns (instead of purely alphabetical). The default is a three level sort:
  • Grouping order as specified for the Campaign Category code table, if one is provided)
  • Sort order specified for the campaign in this window (if any)
  • Finally, by the Campaign Name
Accept Post Dated Payments If post dated payments are accepted online, indicate the final payment date. Monthly payments will be set up through to the end of the payment date. You could set the date to be end of the year to get recurring yearly payments.
At other Outlets Allows the campaign to be accessed and donations made at other outlets.

Include in Patron Statistics

Include in Annual Statistics Donation values will appear in patron statistics tab.

Default values for a new Donation

Fiscal year Normally, the fiscal year on a donation defaults to your fiscal year in which the donation falls. If you enter a donation for a future year, it will take on a future fiscal year.

If you want to change the default behaviour for this donation campaign and force the fiscal year to be in the future, you can enter a future non-zero year into this field.

It must be a future year (since the default of zero means the current year now and forever). And if it is always to be the next fiscal year, you will need to edit this field at year end every year.

Accrual accounting (GAAP, FASB, IRS an CRA) says you should not set for future years. But sometimes auditors will allow deferral of subscription donations to the next year.

NOTE: Default Fiscal/Program Years are Copied to each Donation at time of creation of the donation. After that, you can change either of then on the donation.

Changing the default does not affect past donations - you must change them manually.

Program Year The default program year for a donation is the calendar year on the donation date. If you wish it to be different then set a default value into this field. It must be a future year.
Default Solicitor The primary solicitor for the campaign. You can select or change the solicitor, by clicking on the Solicitor button to open the Employee Listwindow to select or change a solicitor for the Campaign.