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Campaign Name The name of the donation campaign.
External Name Name to be displayed on the internet.
Category Assign the donation to a category that can be used to group and sort the campaigns in online web pages. These are set up in Donation Campaign Category code tables.
Campaign Starts Ends The time period that the campaign is running.
Ticket Face (Optionally), you can select a ticket face to be used for donations. Click the Ticket button to open the Ticket Face List window. Select a ticket face to be printed for a donation receipt. This function can only be utilized by thermal ticket printers.
A ticket face is usually not necessary. Only add one if:
  • You want to print a specific looking receipt on a ticket printer for box office donations that emulates CRA needs (the tax receipt report should be used instead)
  • You like to have a sort of paper audit of donations at the box office to hand to development or finance (there are great reports for that too, meaning this isn't usually required)
Notification The workflow notification type that you would like to be sent out for this campaign. Click here for more information on setting up Workflow Notifications.
Tags You can add any number of tags to the donation campaign.