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Donation Campaign List Window

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Parts of the Donation Campaign Window

Accesses the Help section for this window.
Inserts a New campaign through the Campaign Detail Window. For more information on inserting campaigns click here.
Opens a window to edit a campaign through the Campaign Detail window. For more information on editing campaigns click here.
Deletes a campaign. For more information on deleting campaigns click here.
Generates a report of donation campaigns to the screen or default print location.
Exports out a donation campaign list in a tab-delimited format.
Opens the Donation Giving Levels Window. For more information on giving levels click here.
Merges two campaigns.For more information on merging campaigns click here.
Opens the DonorSearch Analytic List Window.
Category The code table category assigned to the donation campaign for online ordering and categorization
Campaign The name of the donation campaign.
Actual Dollar value the donation campaign has collected to date.
Solicitor The main solicitor for this campaign.
Notification Message sent to inform user of activity to this campaign.
Pledged The total pledges to date.
Soft Soft Credits associated with this campaign.
Outlet-Owner The Outlet associated with the campaign.
Count The number of pledges to date.
Giving Level The giving level matrix that is being used by the donation campaign. Click here to learn how to set up a giving level matrix.
Campaign Flag Include the campaign in patron statistics tab