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Donations Tab

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Parts of the Donations Tab

There are some actions you can do to one or more donations from the context menu that are not available on the toolbar:

Status Icon based indicators on the various aspects of the donation.
Order # The order number is a reference number for the order.
Prog Yr Program Year.
Use Indicates the source detailing hose the donation was received.
First / Last & Company Name Name of the patron making the donation.
Campaign Name Name of the campaign the donation was applied to.
Fiscal Year The accounting Fiscal Year the donation was made.
Donation Date Date the donation was made.
Pledge Amount The amount the patron pledged to this donation.
Actual Amount The actual amount the patron has confirmed they will donate towards their original pledged amount.
Giving Level What level of giving the donation is at.
Balance Outstanding balance of the pledged amount remaining to the paid.
Total Receipted The amount of the donation that has been issued paayment/receipts.
Soft Credit The total amount of Soft Credits that have been applied to the donation.
Program Name How the patron would like to be recognized on the program.