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Donations - Set Donation Name

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To start, you click the Name button.

The Set Donation name dialog opens.

Step 1. You are about to change the donor Name and the corresponding Sort name for the selected donation. Select the name you want to change it to.

You are given a number of choices and the option to enter another name. However, please read about Canada's Tax Receipt Name Implications if you want to type something other than the patron's name.

Step 2. When creating a program listing, the Sort Name is used to determine the aplhabetical order of the patron in the program listing and to summarize all donations with the same sort name. Select the Name you want to change to.

Again you are offered a list you can select from and the option to enter your own Customized Sort Name.

Once you have made your selections, press the Change button.

You are returned to the Donations tab.