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Tasks Tab

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Tasks are part of the Facility Management module. If your organization has not purchased the Facility Management module, the Tasks feature in Donation Management will be limited.

Calendars show tasks to be done in a variety of formats. Gantt charts (part of Projects) show tasks associated with each other and the relationships between the various pieces. Invoices use tasks and the associated people and resources as line items in an invoice to bill clients.

You can associate tasks with any number of people who are responsible for making sure the task gets completed. Tasks can be reminders to yourself about upcoming deadlines. Tasks can be used to schedule your time. Tasks can have physical resources assigned to them that may be billed or not.

Notifications or reminders can be set up for tasks so you don't miss a meeting or appointment.

To learn more about tasks and how to add them click here.

Parts of the Tasks tab

Task # The sequence number assigned by the database to the task.
Status The current status of the task (Done, Not Done, In Progress, Cancelled).
Begin Date Date the task is set to begin.
Date End Projected completion date of the task.
Description The description of the task.
Event Title The title of the event / play associated with the task (if any).
Event Code The event / play code associated with the task (if any).
Perf # The Performance number associated with the task (if any).
Date The date of the event associated with the task (if any).
Time The time of the performance associated with the task (if any).