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Data that is not shared among Outlets

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For privacy and security reasons, some data and functions cannot be shared among outlets. These include:
  • Donations, Memberships, Mail lists, and Patron marketing data
  • Orders cannot be seen by other Outlets unless those orders contain tickets sold to performances flagged as 'allow to be sold to other Outlets'.
  • An Outlet cannot edit another Outlet's order.
  • An Outlet cannot edit/delete another Outlet's payments.
  • An Outlet is only able to sell 'Regular' type, priced tickets for another Outlet (i.e. no season subscriptions, no comps)
  • An Outlet is able to Exchange or Refund the tickets that it sold for another Outlet - it is unable to Exchange or Refund a ticket that another Outlet sold. Another Outlet has no business knowing anything about a patron's interaction with you for any reason unless the other Outlet sold the ticket to them, in which case it is reasonable that they should be able to return it. This rule exists because it is to the customer's convenience to return the ticket at their place of purchase.
  • Each Outlet can manage the permissions and privileges (Data and Functions within the Employee Profile) of their own employees, but cannot manage employees of other Outlets. If an employee works for multiple Outlets, then that employee should have an employee record (still only one patron account) created for each Outlet.
  • Another Outlet cannot search for your events in the Event List window. Therefore they cannot see the Sales or Revenues tab (or any tab for that matter) in the Event setup for your events.