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Quick Find

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Quick Find is designed for finding some needles in a haystack within the theatre manager Database. The quick-find window does a live search of text across a number of database records.

For example, searching for 123 might bring up an order, an address, a company with that in the name, a shopping cart or other interesting things.

Quick-Find finds the top 5 (by default) records in specific categories which can be set in Employee Preferences

To open quick Find, you can:

  • Click the Quick Find button in the main Theatre manager tool bar / ribbon bar.


    At any time press the [Ctrl] and [F] keys.

    The Quick Search window opens.


Quick find shows:

  • the most recently updated records found
  • that match the criteria you entered
  • in each category you have allowed to be search in your employee preferences.
Simply Double Click on the row to see the record.


The quick search window can be printed or exported.