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Quick Find

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Quick Find is designed for finding some needles in a haystack within the theatre manager Database. The quick-find window does a live search of text across a number of database records.

For example, searching for 123 might bring up an order, an address, a company with that in the name, a shopping cart or other interesting things.

Quick-Find finds the top 5 (by default) records in specific categories which can be set in Employee Preferences

To open quick Find, you can:

  1. Click the Quick Find button in the main Theatre manager tool bar / ribbon bar.
  2. Alternatively

    At any time press the [Ctrl] and [F] keys.

    The Quick Search window opens.

  • Quick find shows the patron number and the external patron ID (such as student number) in the second column when it identifies a row based on patron information.
  • The quick search window can be printed or exported.