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Season Subscription Auto-Renewal Window

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The Book Season Subscription Options

The Season Subscription Auto-Renewal window renews selected season subscriptions where the status of the subscription is Not Started or Notice Printed. For more information on how to access the Season Subscription Auto-Renewal window click here.

You can mark an individual subscription as auto-renew in the patrons subscription detail window - auto renew tab
Only subscriptions with the status Not Started or Notice Printed can be auto-renewed. Subscriptions in any other status are ignored so that you can not renew the same subscription twice.

Parts of the Season Subscription Auto-Renewal

Make your selection for some or all tje patrons in a package.
Auto-Renewal Choose to include all (un-checked box) or only those subscriptions marked as auto renew (checked).
Make your selection from the list.

If the payment method on the individual subscription for the patron is:

  • Credit Card - you can also cause the card to be authorized at the subscription is being created. If it fails authorization (or you choose not to authorize at this time), the payment will appear in the End-Of-Day wizard so it ca nbe authorized later.
  • EFT - the EFT deposit can be created during end of day for submission to the bank
  • On Account - no payment method will be created