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Planning Season Packages

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Things to Think About

First of all, determine the events that will be part of the season package. Patrons will need to be able to attend performances during the same time frame for each event. This means the events in the season package should have performance that happen on the same day of the week. For example, patrons can subscribe to a season package that is only the first Friday (1-FRI) of each event.

Second, think about the price codes and promotions needed for the season package. Each season package may need multiple pricing levels and promotions depending on the number of areas of the venue and the pricing structure of the organization. You should have set up all of these prior to creating a season package. Click here for more information on setting up sales promotions.

Third, the organization needs to determine how the rollout of the season package will be handled, and how the patrons will be renewed each season. Some questions to ask are:

  • Do season package subscribers receive a benefit from being a subscriber?
  • Does the subscriber receive an opportunity to book earlier that other patrons?