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  • References include accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive information
  • Tutorials and How-To guides are led by needs of the user, Reference material is led by the product it describes
  • Although reference should not attempt to show how to perform tasks, it can and often needs to include a description of how something works or the correct way to use it
  • Examples of Reference material are Dictionaries, Encyclopedias or Glossaries
  • Software examples of Reference material are API documentation, class documentation or function documentation

Facility Resource Groups

Resource Groups are categories for different types of Resources in Theatre Manager's Facility Management module. Resources can be grouped under different headings. The default heading in Theatre Manager is the Generic Resource.

Click for more information about Resources, Resources, Inventory and Merchandise.

The default setting in Theatre Manager is the Generic group. Other groups can be added as needed.

Projects Tab

Parts of the Projects Tab

Titles Tab

Parts of the Titles Tab

Title Use default report title
  • If checked, the default title of the report will print at the top of every page.
  • If unchecked, you can specify a specific title for the report in the field that follows. This might be useful for meetings if it is the 'monthly marketing report' or 'daily ticket sales report'

Import Fields with Special Meaning

You can use any of the special fields below when you do your import process. They will match up with fields in the database such as lookup data or phone numbers.

Manage Volunteers

When a volunteer is scheduled for an event / play or other activity, a record is created showing if they have responded or not. Responses have an initial status, you set up under Setup>>Company Preferences - Meeting Server : Default Acceptance Status for Invitations.

Values you can choose are:

Export Format Options

If you are exporting your data to an external accounting package, ensure you have set up the External Account information in GL Account Setup . The software uses the External Account information as the default format for your accounting system.


Notifications are part of the Facility Management module. They are different from the similarly named workflow notifications.

When you look at the Calendar, they show the time, task title & participant(s), and they show the participant status.

Status can be set by the user (that is, you talk to the person and they confirm) or the task can be sent to the patron via email.

Code Table Options

The pages that follow provide specific details about the various options available inside Code Tables.

Course Level

Course Levels must be set up in Setup> > System Tables >>Code Tables before they can be used in Courses and Report Cards.

For information about editing values in Code Tables, click here.

Course Attendance Reasons

Course Attendance Reasons must be setup in Setup > >System Tables >> Code Tables before they can be used in Courses.

The field settings are:


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